2019 Nomination Form

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 Each year, at the regular monthly meeting in November, the presiding officer shall ask for a report from the elections committee, who shall place in nomination qualified candidates for president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and at least three directors.

  1. The term "qualified candidate" shall be interpreted to mean that not only is the candidate eligible to hold office, having been a member for at least one year, but that he/she has advised the chairman of the elections committee, in writing, that he/she is familiar with and will accept the responsibilities of office.

You can fill out this form to run for the listed officer and Director positions. This form can be submitted online or printed and submitted by snail mail. The deadline for filing online is Wednesday, November 7th, before the conclusion of the Board Meeting.. After that date you must be nominated and seconded from the floor of the General Meeting which will be held on Wednesday, November 14th..

      This year there will be 4 Directior positions up for election do to a vacancy. The 4th highest vote getter will fill the remaining year of that Director.


Area Code Phone Number

Ed Ebert, KC2E, will again act as nominations chairman . You can email your form or send it by snail mail to:

Edc Ebert, KC2E

1 Dianne Crest
Huntington Station, NY 11746